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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 31, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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all their information instantly. so scripts let one of the papers, the detroit news open a station. and they even hired a teenager to set it all up. the first broadcast coverage of that day's congressional primaries these days news is all over the airwaves but radio changed its tune 91 years ago today. and that's "the fox report" for august 31st, 2011. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. thank you for having us into your home tonight. we're back tomorrow. o'reilly is next. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we stand near the threshold of profound economic misery. >> bill: the republican presidential candidates kick it up and now sarah palin is making some noise about running. dick morris will have analysis. [ applause ] actress darryl hannah arrested outside the white house for protesting the obama
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administration's energy policies. ms. hannah will be here. also tonight, jessie waters on the jerusalem is i shore. >> are you upset when you see them behave so disrespectly on the show. >> hell no. i'm just as crazy as they are. >> bill: dennis miller on al gore. >> he spends the rest of his life trying to be relevant and he falls quite short, frankly. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi,. >> bill: o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the republican challengers to president obama kicks into high gear. that is the subject of this evening's poll. quinnipiac surveyed likely republican voters on who they favor against mr. obama. governor perry 26%. mitt romney 20%. michele bachmann 12%. ron paul 10%. everybody else in low single digits.
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the matchups between president obama and individual candidates are very interesting. here mitt romney ties the president at 45. mr. obama defeats governor perry at 45% to 42% and defeats michele bachmann 48% to 39%. governor perry's favorability among registered voters stands at just 22%. 23% unfavorable. haven't heard enough. this is the key. 55%. that's a big number. mitt romney 36 favorable, 27 unfavorable. 35 haven't heard enough. michele bachmann 26 favorable. 36 unfavorable. 37 haven't heard enough. the take away from the poll is. this most voters have an open mind about who the republican nominee should be. the most conservative of the first tier candidates michele bachmann has high negatives because it looks like voters are putting the economy ahead of ideology. as far as president obama is concerned, 51% of quinnipiac respondents say he does not deserve re-election.
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42% say he does. so, obviously, the g.o.p., the grand old party has a very good chance to defeat the incumbent president. now strategy. talking points stated last night the ultimate showdown will most likely between between perry and romney with both running as economic reformers. they have to attack each other in order to convince you they are the better man. already the tea party is planning a demonstration against governor romney in new hampshire on labor day. it is clear that some hard core conservatives are not going to support him. romney does well in the general poll of registered voters because independents like him. in some primaries, independents cannot vote in some like new hampshire they can. that is the landscape as stands now. as mentioned the presidential race kicks into high gear this coming weekend. there are three republican debates scheduled in september. pretty much anything could happen. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. what about sarah palin? she has events set up in iowa saturday. another one in new hampshire on monday. if governor palin gets into the
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race how does that change things? here now purveyor of dick mr. morris. am i making any mistakes in my analysis. >> no, i think you are mine fine. you can't take the perry numbers too literally at this point. because people really haven't seen them. >> bill: shows up in the poll. >> even with most not knowing who he is. oddly enough his vote share is about equal to his favorable recognition in the republican primary. but, the -- but i think that that -- his problem is going to be in these debates, it could be his opportunity, it could be his problem. because people will see him and then they could say oh i don't like him that much. or in contrast with the other candidates he doesn't shine. and at that point you could be seeing his losing momentum. on the other hand, he could lock in a frontrunner status by doing well. >> bill: okay. but you just stated the obvious. everybody knows what you just said. am i paying you to do that? no. i'm not paying you to do that. everyone knows that.
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if he flops in the debates, goes down. if he is big in the debates it goes up. >> it's more profound than that. >> more profound. >> more profound much. if a candidate gates share of the vote which he is not entitled which is like perry, he just got in. nobody knows him. >> bill: it's an emotional vote. >> a spur of the moment impulse. >> bill: emotional vote. >> he runs the risk of falling back to what normally would have been a very strong vote total and losing momentum. >> bill: in order to shake him romney is going to have to come after him. i don't think the other candidates will but they might. >> what romney has to do is to persuade people that it is better to have someone who knows thousand create jobs, has actually done it as a businessman as opposed to a governor who has just presided over the process. >> bill: i think that in a debate it's a sis israel reaction. romney is going to have to say here is why i'm better than you governor perry, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing. >> the bing bing is have you been a lifetime politician. >> got to be more than that
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sarah palin, she is still floating around, obviously inserting herself into iowa and new hampshire. what do you think? is she going to get in the race? >> oh, i don't know. i hope she doesn't because first of all, she will get clobbered. >> bill: you say that why? >> she is the only candidate right now who obama defeats. obama that is under 50 against everybody else. against her he is at 51. had been at 53. >> bill: i want to clarify for the audience morris' theory is if incumbent president is polling against a challenger below 40 that president loses. >> below 50. >> bill: below 50. i'm sorry that president loses because all the undecides go for the challenger. >> not theory, it's the reality of the last 40 years. >> bill: you say she gets, in she doesn't have a chance and she disrupts -- does she disrupt? >> no, no. she can't win. she will lose to bachmann. the woman's primary which will undermine her capacity. >> bill: she will hurt bachmann. >> hurt bachmann badly. but in an odd way.
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if she runs it's good for the republican party because she will attract all of the flack. the media won't have time to go after perry or romney or bachmann. they are going to spend their whole lives going after palin. it's like building a lightning rod on to a house. >> bill: it's interesting. it's like she protects perry and romney in particular if she runs because all the vitriol gets redirected to her who you say she doesn't have a chance. >> in a real sense, this whole race maybe conducted in the shadow of people that aren't running or aren't going to win. mitch daniels, donald trump. there was mike huckabee. now there may be sarah palin. none of those are going to be on the ballot. and, yet, during their time frames, they monopolized all of the air time. >> bill: here is why i don't think governor palin and i'm probably wrong here is going to run. because her campaign is so chaotic we couldn't even find out and we tried all day long to find this out where are you going to be and who are you going to talk to over the weekend? wednesday.
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they don't know where they are going to be. and to set up an apparatus in 50 states, and to hire guys like to you come on and to raise all the money, that's hard to do. >> sarah palin makes a virtue out of chaos. >> bill: how? >> well, because she says she is unconventional. she is new. she goes on a bus tour. she doesn't know why. she doesn't know where she is going and where the next stop is and it's popular. >> bill: charming. >> in this preplanned world i want to get a lick in on something else. >> bill: let me set it up. involved with trying to stop this mosque downtown at the ground zero site. the park 5 is is the group trying to build it. dick morris has uncovered stuff on his web site dick >> they want federal money. >> bill: park 51. >> they want us to pay for their mosque to rub our nose in 9/11. >> bill: apply for federal money under what. >> that makes it funnier.
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lower manhattan development corporation. an entity set up after 9/11 to help new york recover from the terrorist attack. >> bill: they are trying to get into this organization and get federal money to build their islamic community center? >> well, mosque. >> bill: that's part of it but there is other stuff, too. and you have a petition against this? >> yeah upper right hand corner of said web site dick we are going to deluge the lower manhattan. >> do you think they care there is 100,000. >> they have to care. these are not hardened elected officials with, you know, large political bases. we are going to direct them to each of the members of this corporation. >> bill: it will be interesting to see if they get federal money. all hell is going to break loose. everybody knows that. >> unbelievable. >> bill: check it out. we appreciate it as always. >> thank you. >> bill: darrell hannah arrested in front of the white house. she will be here. later on why al gore is equating racism with anti-global warming
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. actress darryl hannah arrested in front of the white house. she was part of a group protesting a plan to oil pipeline from northern canada to the gulf coast of the u.s.a. unlike america canada is oil reserves. paid $100 fine and she joins us
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now from washington. so, it's an interesting story. this pipeline that is up now stems from albert, canada to oklahoma. it's been running for about a year. a little bit more than a year. and now they want to extend it from oklahoma to the gulf and you and your group, you are real upset. why are you upset? >> well, the keystone one, which i believe you are referring to, has had 12 spills in 12 months. this pipeline is proposed to go all the way to the gulf of mexico through family farms, through ranches, and over our most precious, fresh water aquifer that supplies water for 20 million people and for a third of the nation's most rich farm lands and ranch lands. and it's just not a wise thing, aside from the fact that the tar sands is just recognized as one of the world's largest he can logical atrocities. >> bill: you say it's risky. but it does provide about 12% of our oil we get from canada.
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the state department -- it's interesting. you are running up against hillary clinton and president obama it's you darryl hannah. the state department has to okay it. they are going to. president obama is going to sign it because it is. >> he hasn't said that yet. >> bill: no, he hasn't. you are absolutely correct. here is why he has to. has to. because it's a job crater. it's a big job crater. he can't not create jobs and say. >> you know what else creates job? true energy independence. freedom from fossil fuels creates jobs. >> bill: we don't have that ms. hannah. >> we need to have it. we can have it for example, some the largest solar communities are on military bases there is a town in missouri that runs on wind power. >> bill: all true. >> this is the way we get true energy independence. freedom from fossil fuels. >> bill: i really want that as much as you dooncts no, you
5:15 pm
don't. >> bill: 90% of of my audience's it, ms. hannah. >> exactly. that's why thousands of people are out there demonstrating in front of the white house. to ask for energy independence in this way. and that's. >> bill: all right. >> these are not -- >> bill: and you are well intentioned. as well intentioned as you are. >> these people aren't activists that are out there. these are grandma's and nurses and doctors. people who have never been arrested before out there saying we want what president obama promised, which is a clean fuel and energy future. >> bill: president obama is not really well known in keeping his promises. i say that with all due respect. >> most politicians are not known for keeping their promises. >> bill: here is where you and granny and uncle ben are going wrong. do you know who t. boone pickens is. >> i do know him. >> bill: he was in my office about four months ago. he spent billions of glars trying to develop wind energy. hear me out.
5:16 pm
okay snsm he put up 687 wind turbines at reported $1.5 billion. he wanted to export the energy just as you do. clean energy get away from oil. he couldn't make it work. t didn't work. so, therefore, we don't have it. >> if you scratch the surface, you will see that t. boone pickens has another agenda which is natural gas. because oil well runs dry what do they have? natural gas. t. boone pickens owns more natural gas rights than anybody in this country. is he trying to promote natural gas which is not clean which is also a fossil fuel. >> bill: is he a businessman, he wants to make money. >> that's right. >> bill: if he can sell natural gas and wind, is he going to do both. he told me and i believe him he put his money where his mouth is and they couldn't get the wind power to the urban areas. they couldn't do it. >> that's just not the case. it's absolutely not the case. >> bill: all right. >> but, you know, t. boone
5:17 pm
pickens is a were thatting man. is he a well spoken man, but the fact is that he has an agenda. it's not that hard to find. >> bill: do you think president obama is on your side? is he on your side? >> you know what? i think it's difficult because politicians tend to listen more to the lobbyists and the multinational corporations. >> bill: is he a sell out? you say the president is a sell out? you voted for him. >> i'm not saying -- you don't know who i voted for. >> bill: i do so, hannah, you are in that tree that they brought you a special ballot. >> you are hilarious. no, you know what? i think that it's very challenging for politicians to do right by the u.s. citizens, that's what we are asking for. >> bill: got to ask you, no spin. is the president selling you out? sign this pipeline. >> he better not sign this pipeline. >> bill: he. >> then you will see that the actions of the white house will be stepped up because if you look at any significant social movement in historical context.
5:18 pm
the civil rights movement. the abolitionist movement they all require a certain amount of civil disobedience or civil resistance. you will see more and more of this as the days go by if that's the case. >> bill: you are always welcome here. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you so much, bill. >> bill: rosie o'donnell and oprah winfrey, the two are joining forces is it political or all about money? that report moments away. [ male announc ] life is full of missed opportunities.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, the new oprah winfrey cable network is not doing well. reports are the own network has spent 150 million bucks this year alone and has not succeeded in producing a hit program. no jersey shore, no o'reilly factor. so, ms. winfrey is turning to rosie o'donnell to try to
5:22 pm
generate some success. joining us now from los angeles tv writer sean daily and from atlanta laura reeves a marketing expert. laura, begin with you. this strategy i think is very risky because rosie o'donnell has staked out far left territory and isn't shy about it am i wrong? >> you are not wrong. and this shows that oprah is desperate. this is a hail mary move to do something to get some ratings on the necessary works. listening, oprah launched this network with live your best life attitude. rose is the opposite of that. she is the opposite of oprah. oprah is about being universal and lovable and sincere. rosy is flippant. she is raw and polarizing. very political and very left leaning. oprah, who never endorsed a political candidate until barack obama and oprah has said she is not even going to endorse obama in 2012. you can believe that? rosy doesn't really mix with oprah. >> bill: all right.
5:23 pm
do you agree, mr. daily, that the tone of the network and i must confess i have not seen a lot of it, began with the self-improvement mode targeted to women, kind of an uplifting situation and now they bring in a political bomb thrower, is it incompatible? >> yeah. absolutely. they are going to really have to keep a tight reign on her, keep her between the lines or they are going to have a big problem on their hands. >> bill: do you know rosie o'donnell? can anybody keep a tight reign on her? i don't think so. >> they are trying as much as they can. they even took away her blog where she would go on some of her political rants. that's now all direct back to to where they can try to keep her under control. it's going to be tough. it's going to be tough. >> bill: i wonder in her contract whether it is defined what kind of a program she delivers, mr. daily? you have heard anything about this? you say they took away her blog. that's against the constitution. you can't take somebody's blog await a minute she would have to agree i'm not going to do blogs.
5:24 pm
i would operate within your system. you would assume that ms. winfrey a very canny business person would have a, you know, contracts like 18,000 pages long. here is what you can do and here is what you can't do because we all agree that this is a big risk and there is a lot of money on the line here. >> absolutely. i mean, i think that they are hoping that they can go back to 1996, rosy and sort of recapture that lightning in a bottle that she had back then. but i have got to wonder if too much time has passed. >> bill: that's what i'm saying. in your opinion is it television scribe? is it possible after all the things rosie o'donnell has done on "the view" and other forums staking out this 9/11 was an inside job business? just that alone, you know, to build a network ms. reeves around a person, aho accuses the u.s. government. >> a lot of people have not forgotten. >> bill: build a network around a person who accuses the u.s. government of launching 9/11. i mean, my god. >> well, it is. she is incredibly unpredictable.
5:25 pm
i mean, feuds with mccalls after she worked at that magazine and "the view." that's not what oprah likes. oprah likes to rule with an iron fist. that's going to be very problematic. >> bill: have you got to be fair to ms. o'donnell. >> they were up double -- on "the view" rosy's numbers were up double digits. she got phenomenal ratings because she was so controversial and she created such buzz. is that the kind of buzz that oprah and more importantly the advertisers want. remember, oprah had big time advertisers p and g. target, g.m. do they want to be associated with a controversial left leaning person like rosie o'donnell? they might be worried. >> bill: if she get eyeballs she would get advertisers. it's not going to be easy. she did well on "the view" in that she increased the viewership there. part of it was sensationalism. and then nbc tried to hire her. do you remember this? they gave her a have variety shw which lasted 12 minutes. i don't think it got through the
5:26 pm
hour. >> one day. >> bill: she brought on communist jugglers that was it. they had to pull the plug. that was a joke. they didn't have communist jugglers. i don't know. they might have. i don't know on this one. oprah doesn't need the money so she can afford to gamble. if i were an investor in that network, i would be a little worried. >> oprah doesn't need the money but she needs the viewers. she can't afford to lose one single viewer because of this. >> bill: if she needs the viewers why doesn't she have a show on her own network? >> that's exactly what she needs to do. that's what the network needs. the network needs an oprah show. >> oprah -- rosy is going to be the lead in to oprah's new show where she is going to repurpose her old clips. >> bill: who is going to watch old clips. >> nobody watches that no. boring. >> bill: i would like to do that 15 years. here is the factor tonight. here is some old clips. you know, msnbc would probably beat me if i did that. come on. you can't do that.
5:27 pm
this is ridiculous. >> bill: let's take a vote. how long will rosy last on own? >> i give her three months. >> and mr. daily, how long? >> i'm going to give her a little bit longer. i'm going to give her one season because they have no bench. they have nothing to go to. there is no other programming. >> that is true. >> jenny mccarthy left. everybody else has left. it's all or nothing right now with rosy. >> thank you very much. we appreciate you coming on. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. maxine watters attacking fox news. is there a method to the woman's madness. we will discuss it. also, jesse watters goes to the jersey shore and dennis miller on al gore's craziness. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount.
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highest rated series cable universe. even beats the factor. maybe i should get a tat. what is the appeal of the jersey shore and how do people feel about it. we sent jesse watters to the shore before hurricane irene arrived ♪ let's party, get loud ♪ if you want to have something fun and do something crazy [screams] >> what's the deal with all these jersey shore characters running around. >> we can't even come with our families anymore without seeing all these does. >> has anybody mistaken you for snooky. >> actually a couple minutes ago. >> i don't get it? >> who is your favorite cast member. >> jay wow. >> best thing i ever saw in my life. >> do you think you could bench press snooki a hundred times. >> you guys got to leave. >> which way is the beach? >> that way. >> do you know where the weight room is? >> do you think situation is out of control. >> no he seems like one of the smarter guys. he is making the most money. >> oh
5:32 pm
>> what's gtl stand for. >> gym tan laundry. >> gym tan laundry. >> what does atf stand for. >> at the booth. >> food fight. >> i cannot remember what that stands for. >> alcohol tobacco and firearms. >> i just feel a little funny. >> you can name for me the jersey shore cath members. >> jayy wow ron in. >> i i i am impressed with you. >> you can name obama's cabinet? >> what's a cabinet? >> i'm an embarrassment. >> this is quite a speck tack kepple. what is this for again. >> drinking, partying and getting themselves in trouble. >> some the girls get crazy in the hot tub is that how it is it jersey shore. >> i am from here i never do that. >> you don't pass out drunk and get arrested. >> i never get arrested. >> just pass out drunk. >> sometimes. >> do you think their behavior sends the wrong message to kids? >> the show is on at 10:00 so i will say no. >> you have to teach your kids
5:33 pm
morals and values. >> were you upset when you see them behave so disrespectfully on the show. >> hell no, i'm just as crazy as they are. [bleep] >> not exactly role models for the children. >> snooki is not your role model? >> no. >> once i get the spotlight, it's going to be on me all night. >> you have raised her well. >> thank you, i have tried. >> you don't get drunk and stupid, do you? >> i do. >> i'm so ashamed of the way i acted last night >> has the jersey shore been better for the economy than obama. >> probably. which is really unfortunate. >> how do you think obama is doing? >> somebody has got to do the job. >> maybe he should have snook j in his cabinet? , you never know. >> come on, what are you saying? >> do you think snooki might be a good asset to the obama administration. >> i think chuck norris would be a good asset to the obama administration. ♪ ♪ >> do you ever watch bill o'reilly. >> every once in a while. >> do you think bill could get in here and pump some iron. >> caution. >> my grandma is obsessed with
5:34 pm
bill o'reilly. she has a door mat. >> everybody bill o'reilly? >> can't tell. sorry. >> watch it, bone head. >> no, don't even tell us. >> bill o'reilly. >> no it's not he is the man. >> bill: was there an event down there. >> they were actually shooting season five when i happened to be down there. >> bill: they were shooting as bury park. >> east side high. >> bill: people watch this program in your opinion because you are of that generation that heavily watching them for what reason? >> it's amazing casting by mtv. inebriated hot, dumb people flushed with cash. they are violent and it's a great mix and i watched it a few weeks ago and here is what i learned for you, bill. there was a lesbian twist involving two blonde twins. the next episode the situation gets into a rumble with the house mate and gets sent to the er. it's fascinating television.
5:35 pm
>> bill: voyeurism. i don't think most people would behave this way. some people but not most. it's like i would never do this but i want to see it done? >> yeah. >> bill: i think that's what it. >> rubbernecking at the side -- there is a certain segment of society that actually looks up to these people. >> bill: i don't believe that. >> no. it's true. when i was at the snooki book signing in huntington. there were women who had daughters there as young as 9 years old. >> bill: they wanted them to be snooki. >> wanted them there dressed as snooki. >> bill: dressed as a vampire doesn't mean you are going to be democratic could youla. i don't think anybody looks up to these people except stone cold dumb people. you talk to a few of them. you seem to attract them. you don't have to look for them they come to you? >> i think it's the fox news mike sign. >> bill: yeah. jesse watters there he is. when we come right back it will be miller time. what does the d man think of affirmative action for unattractive people? there is a movement to make that happen. and then, congresswoman maxine
5:36 pm
waters attacking fox news once again. why? coming right back. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight, because of his very busy schedule,we had to schedule up with the d man last night. topics for discussion range from unattractive people to dipg dick cheney's new book. so here is miller and what do you think about dick cheney's new book? are you going to read it? are you excited about it? >> well, i like cheney in the main billy because he reminds me of -- he doesn't suffer fools well. he reminds me of patton and like the reporters are soldiers that just told them they can't fight because they have epstein-barr syndrome answered gives them that searing glance. i like cheney. i am going to give the book a read. and there are no great mysteries about dick cheney to me. he is what you see is what you
5:40 pm
get guy. the one thing i don't understand is how he was half way through a job interview for his chief aide to camp and the guy said my name is scooter and he still hired him. that's the only mystery. >> bill: mystery of the universe. is he going to come on your radio show, miller? are you going to get him? >> i stay out of that whoever wants to come on is fine. you know, i'm going to be there. i get three hours to fill. cheney has to fish that day, that's fine with me. if he doesn't have to fish, he wants to come on, i would love to yap at him. >> bill: a call to you to the vice president though might put him over the top. you know. come on in and chat with you. and, you know. >> i just don't bug people about being on that -- that's their business. let me say this about cheney. i'm seeing some of the interviews already, billy. you know they're throwing the immorality of waterboarding down on him. i have to reinsert my contention if you know that by waterboarding a fat pig jerk like khalid sheikh mohammed can you save lives and eventually
5:41 pm
get usama bin laden out of it, and you don't do it, that's immoral to me. >> bill: i think you and i agree on that 100%. yesterday on the fact were to we had al gore comparing global warming to racism. i want to resh the memory. >> my generation asks older people explain to me why it's okay to discriminate against people because their skin color is different and when they couldn't really answer that question with integrity, the change really started. we still have racism, god knows. but it is so different now. so much better. and we have to win the conversation on climate. >> bill: with all due respect to the former vice president. he is a strange guy. isn't he? >> yeah. >> bill: just the presentation. we still have racism but it's much better. it's like, you know, we still have maple syrup but this is better. >> this is a rollie polykid whose old man goes up to the hill and leaves him alone.
5:42 pm
he like the elbow would he eloie willard. he falls quite short becoming relevant. >> bill: bring up racism about everything. if you don't like the ketchup you are a racist. old and boring and as you would say miller it's tedious. >> listen, why we were in the fantabulous accusation realm let me say this about al gore. i think when he was in college at yale he and tommy lee jones invented the ebowl lie virus out of the kitchen of yale room. they were going to use it. it wept wrong. some spanish fly experiment they were going to use on. -- >> bill: i have no idea what you just said but let's go on to the "new york times" op-ed that says there has to be affirmative ax for people who don't look so good. unattractive people. we must help them out. >> i think the "new york times" knows they can cherry pick this issue because they are bullet-proof.
5:43 pm
they constantly, some would say, incessantly put bad-looking people on the people's mast head. that started when they first started to hiring ugly people. not under him with him when they first made that. >> bill: the theme is there are some people in life who are not blessed with good lucks. they're held back in society. they don't makes a much money and we have to help them out. >> if they are going to get into the affirmative action things on other things other than skin color. they should start hiring humble people over there the entire staff is cock shore. they have to hire humble people if they are going to get into the quota system. as far as kellar goes with jesus christ thing. bill, at least christians think jesus christ is jesus christ as opposed to who think barack obama is jesus christ. >> bill: you are talking about bill keller not me your humble correspondent. >> keller with that whole thing about it being outerspace people believing in the youk euchreist.
5:44 pm
>> bill: when reverend wright was around, they weren't real interested in doing that. >> listen. that's why rick perry might get elected because under the barack obama for the last three years, america has just got used to a really fervent, fervent christian. i think they want to see that again. and if it can't be barack obama, they want to see rick perry in there you know what i mean. we're used to fervent christians now, billy. >> bill: the end of september you are doing a benefit here in new york city. are you running around the city? >> no. you have so misread that. you have got to dial your prompter kit. in you must have the guy from sharpton show. i will be starting and ending a race. >> bill: i see. go! and you win! >> giuliani and i get in the car and drive to the finish line and say stop! >> bill: now i get it how foolish of he to think that you were actually going to run. standing by. >> you got a dial in that
5:45 pm
prompter. >> bill: who is this for? who are you raising money for? >> i'm working for u.s.a. cares. my group works like wounded warriors. tunnel to the towers run that the foundation does. you know that kid. an absolute icon. he suits up. gets in his suit and starts running through that tunnel through the 9/11 and his family continues to honor him. >> that's september 25th. we go to the u.s.a. cares web site and miller will be here. we'll talk more about it coming up, miller. thanks very much. as always, good to see you. now we're getting a lot of requests for information about the bolder fresher tour starring me and miller. go to bill o' or bolder for clarity. we have got all the information there. we will see you in connecticut if october. richmond, virginia and atlantic city new jersey in november there is a clip of the bolder fresher tour posted on bill o' for everybody. there it is if you want to check it out. did you see that up next. congresswoman maxine watters
5:46 pm
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>> bill: congresswoman maxine watters and bass. both are members of the congressional black caucus and both are on the attack. >> the congressional black caucus is very clear on who wement to see in the white house in the next four years. we are not going to let them divides us -- we're not going to let us pit against each other. >> are you going to stand with us. >> yeah. >> are you going to say to fox news when they try and choke us, lie on us underminus and destroy
5:50 pm
us, we will turn the television off on you. are you willing to understand that you cannot get your news from the enemy? >> oh. no the question is why are these ladies doing that and is that congresswoman's real hair? >> oh, did you not. >> bill: i'm sorry. >> you did. >> bill: i'm watching her i'm going is that real hair? i should be listening to her but it's a distraction. >> i will let her know that. >> bill: we call her up i didn't i didn't. >> here is the thing, william, she does this because she should do this because it's brilliant. fox anile lats the competition. we are fair and balanced we give both sides not just the left leaning side. and this is a political -- this is a political ad campaign that just goes on and on and on and on and she doesn't have to pay for a thing because he gets on fox news every single day. >> bill: it's for other own fame? >> yes, i do. >> bill: here is what i think it is. i'm thinking a little more
5:51 pm
deeply than you are. >> oh, back off. >> bill: the african-american vote went 93% for barack obama last time around. this time around, there is some disenchantment in that precinct. i don't think -- i think they are worried that african-americans aren't going to turn out the way they turned out in 2008. >> so why bash fox news? >> bill: because they create a straw man enemy. fox news and the tea party. so they are saying well, we may not -- we may sympathize, it's not all about barack obama. you are voting against them, the tea party primarily. that's the enemy. don't let the enemy divide us. that's the code. this is a get out the vote thing. that's my assessment. >> why did i even show up here today? >> bill: i don't know. you showed up because you are very good at what you do. >> you didn't like my whole theory here. >> bill: not a matter of i didn't like i had a different take on it nancy pelosi once again attacking the rich. go. >> what more do they want? they have -- homes, the yacht. the taller the mast.
5:52 pm
the whole thing. they have museum quality art. then i decided if, in fact, they are advocating for, this which i'm not sure they are. i think the republicans just like to have that position. they want immoral tattle. >> bill: they want immoral tattle. does that make any sense? >> i think she wanted to say they are omnipotent. immoral tattle didn't quite go with what she was saying. she was talking about protecting -- the rich wanting to protect tax cuts for the top. >> bill: immoral taghts they want to buy a building with their name on it like the helmsley building? is that what she wants? >> yeah. she says that is the reason that the wealthy who have so much money they don't know what to do with it. >> bill: they ought to give it to her so she can spend it. >> yeah. she wants them to want to give it to social programs that don't work. to entrust their money, their hoards of money. >> bill: you are saying social programs don't work. >> i'm saying some don't work,
5:53 pm
yeah. absolutely. >> bill: that's the objection to higher taxes that the wealthy don't have. >> i know many welty people. you included you are one of these people who would be happy to give to programs if they worked. if you can trust our. >> bill: do that through a private foundation. a charitable foundation. >> that's it. private is the word there. >> i do want to give fancy pelosi my money so she can buy votes with it? no. >> i think the answer is. no. >> bill: and that's the objection. so you were right on that one. >> i was right on the first one too. that's all right. >> bill: juliet huddy, everybody. pinheads and patriots on deck. a penguin attacks brian kilmeade. you must see this because the penguin was justified. right back with p and p. [ gnome ] ahh... [ male announcer ] this is what it's like getting an amazing discount on a hotel
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. >> bill: pinheads and patriots featuring a penguin attacking brian kilmeade in a moment. but first, if you sign up now you get a free factor pen many you can select from those three, pick the one you want. most importantly, pm's will get daily inside stuff about the upcoming presidential election and can participate with me this weekly question and answer session. we think you will like it very much. >> now the mail: >> bill: of course i'm jealous jim. but the upside is i don't have to spend a lot on mousse.
5:57 pm
that can get expensive. >> with the campaign upcoming you will see more of cameron, right here. >> bill: not sure about condoning it. what is clear is that colmes will not condemn rhetoric that attacks the tea party as racist. >> bill: i believe that's true, good analysis. >> bill: you don't have to be sorry for laughing. i called him on it that was not alan's finest moment.
5:58 pm
>> bill: tape this elizabeth and do your homework. >> bill: anything i can do shane. >> bill: we have a machine over there. i can activate it by using this pen, i press right here. [ laughing ] >> bill: thank you, see we
5:59 pm
have everything here. the old "i love lucy" show. >> finally, you never know what is going to happen in the morning. one week ago a penguin took center stage. >> brand new shoes. >> what happened? >> i gotta change my shoes. >> little trouble in paradise here folks. nothing to worry about. >> that was a new pair of shoes. >> i know. that's the last time i'll have a penguin at my house. >> penguin relieving himself on kilmeade's shoes if you don't like kilmeade he's a patriot. if you do, the penguin is a pinhead. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website different from spout off from anywhere in the world. o'reilly@fox


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